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RHS Flower Show Tatton Park 23rd - 27th July
The Longines International Horse Show Hickstead Showground 29th July - 3rd August
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Christmas Grand Sale 16th - 18th November
RHS Garden WISLEY 22nd - 26th November
Country Living Christmas Glasgow 23rd - 26th November
Winchester Christmas Market from 20th November
Wimbledon Centre Court from 27th November
Country Living Christmas Harrogate 30th November - 3rd December
Olympia Horse Show 12th - 18th December
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'Christmas 2017' Candle in a Glass
'Christmas 2017' Candle in a Tin
'CLASSIC' Candle in a Glass
'DESIGNERS GUILD' Porcelain Candle
'GOLD CLASSIC' Candle in a Glass
'NEW HOME' Candle in a Glass
'NEW HOME' Candle in a Tin
'CLASSIC' 3 Wick Candles in a Glass
'CLASSIC' Candle in a Tin
Candles in a Can
'HOME' Range Candle in a Glass
'HOME' Range Candle in a Tin
'H&W LONDON' Candle in a Glass
Votive Candles
Reed Diffusers
'Christmas 2017' 100ml Reed Diffusers
'CLASSIC' Range 100ml Reed Diffusers
'DESIGNERS GUILD' Range 200ml Reed Diffusers
'DESIGNERS GUILD' Range Diffuser Refills
'GOLD CLASSIC' Range 200ml Reed Diffusers
'GOLD CLASSIC' Range Diffuser Refills
'NEW HOME' Range 100ml Reed Diffusers
'NEW HOME' Range Diffuser Refills
'CLASSIC' Range Diffuser Refills
'CLASSIC' Range Room Mists
'HOME' Range 100ml Reed Diffusers
'HOME' Range Diffuser Refills
'H&W LONDON' Range 100ml Reed Diffuser
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Christmas Range 2017
Wedding Favours
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  > Alexandria - Lilac & Lavender
  > Chinoiserie Flower - Lily & Vanilla
  > Couture Rose - Peony & Rose
  > Jade Temple - Jasmine & Hibiscus
  > Nymphaea - Sweet Pea & Sandalwood
  > Tulipani - Bergamot & Gardenia
Candles in a Can
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  > Lily Ylang Ylang
  > Neroli Rose
  > Sandalwood Oud
  > Wild Lemongrass
'NEW HOME' Range
  > Bergamot & Lime
  > Clementine & Prosecco
  > Earl Grey
  > Fresh Linen
  > Nordic Pine
  > Sweet Pea & Rose
  > Vetiver & Musk
  > White Dahlia
  > Caffe Latte 'HOME' Range
CHRISTMAS Range 2017
  > Winter Spice Fragrance
  > Gold Fragrance
  > Frankincense Fragrance
  > Myrrh Fragrance
'H&W LONDON' Range
  > Fine English Tea 'H&W LONDON' Range
  > Limoncello 'H&W LONDON' Range
  > Sparkling Rose 'H&W LONDON' Range
  > Vanilla Cappucino 'H&W LONDON' Range
  > Prosecco & Mandarin 'H&W LONDON' Range
  > Energise
  > Natural Harmony
  > Decadent
  > Clementine & Prosecco 'CLASSIC' Range
  > Cherry Blossom 'CLASSIC' Range
  > Greentea & Grapefruit 'CLASSIC' Range
  > Sandalwood & Oud 'CLASSIC' Range
  > Citrus & Lavender 'CLASSIC' Range
  > Neroli & Rose 'CLASSIC' Range
  > Wild Lemongrass 'CLASSIC' Range
  > Jasmine & Lilac 'CLASSIC' Range
  > Olive & Fig 'CLASSIC' Range
  > Coconut, Vanilla & Blackpepper 'CLASSIC' Range
  > Orange Spice 'CLASSIC' Range
  > Lily & Ylang Ylang 'CLASSIC' Range
'HOME' Range
  > Clementine & Prosecco 'HOME' Range
  > Lavender 'HOME' Range
  > Grapefruit 'HOME' Range
  > Rose 'HOME Range
  > Alpine 'HOME' Range
  > Orient 'HOME' Range
  > Earl Grey 'HOME' Range
'Hope & Glory' Range
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