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R887   'To Beard or not to Beard' The Commemorative Shakespeare Book
R012   10 Medium Soaps in a Gift Box - all in pink
R002   10 Small Soaps in a Gift Box - all in pink
R168   3 Bath Melts & 2 Round Soaps Gift Box
R336   3 Bath Melts & 2 Round Soaps in a Gift Box
R331   3 Bath Melts in a ribbon tied bag
R343   3 Votives Gift Box. Greentea grapefruit, Citrus lavender and Clementine prosecco
R151   4 Round Soaps in a Gift Box
R497   Alexandria - Lilac & Lavender Diffuser Refill 200ml
R526   Alexandria - Lilac & Lavender Porcelain Candle 245g
R523   Alexandria - Lilac & Lavender Reed Diffuser 200ml
R692   Amber oakmoss Candle in a Glass 230g
R691   Amber oakmoss Reed Diffuser 200ml
R690   Amber oakmoss Reed Diffuser Refill 200ml
R137   Anti Tabac Candle in a Tin 180g
R127   Anti Tabac Reed Diffuser 100ml
R146   Anti Tabac Room Spray 100ml
R103   Bed of Roses Soap in a Hat Box with a Mini Bag
R487   Bergamot & Lime Candle in a Glass 230g
R986   Bergamot & Lime Candle in a Tin 180g
R470   Bergamot & Lime Reed Diffuser 100ml
R995   Bergamot & Lime Reed Diffuser Refill 200ml
R463   Black olive Kitchen garden candle 250g
R969   Brick of Citrus Grove Soap
R968   Brick of Hemp & Walnut Soap
R967   Brick of Herbal Mint Soap
R959   Brick of Jasmine & Lilac
R966   Brick of Lavender Soap
R964   Brick of Queen of the Nile Soap
R963   Brick of Rose Soap
R962   Brick of Seaweed Soap
R961   Brick of Summer Solstice Soap
R960   Brick of Tea Tree Soap
R311   Candle Snuffer
R328   Celebration Shea Butter Bath Melts 120g
R118   Celebration Votive Candle, Mini Reed Diffuser & Mini Favour Soap Gift Box
R820   Ceramic Oil Burner
R138   Chef's Friend Candle in a Tin 180g
R128   Chef's Friend Reed Diffuser 100ml
R147   Chef's Friend Room Spray 100ml
R259   Cherry Blossom Candle in a Glass
R834   Cherry Blossom Fragrance Oil
R261   Cherry Blossom Reed Diffuser 200ml
R348   Cherry Blossom Reed Diffuser Refill 200ml
R493   Chinoiserie Flower - Lily & Vanilla Diffuser Refill 200ml
R530   Chinoiserie Flower - Lily & Vanilla Porcelain Candle 245g
R519   Chinoiserie Flower - Lily & Vanilla Reed Diffuser 200ml
R260   Citronella outdoor candle
R644   Citrus & Lavender Body Lotion
R448   Citrus & Lavender Body Scrub
R098   Citrus & Lavender Body Wash & Body Lotion Gift Box
R643   Citrus & Lavender Fine Body Wash 300ml
R823   Citrus & Lavender Fragrance Oil
R840   Citrus & Lavender Hand Cream
R642   Citrus & Lavender Hand Lotion
R221   Citrus & Lavender Hand wash & Lotion Duo
R641   Citrus & Lavender Handwash
R095   Citrus & Lavender Handwash & Hand Lotion Gift Set
R321   Citrus & Lavender Luxury Body Oil
R722   Citrus & Lavender Luxury Foam Bath 500ml
R505   Citrus & Lavender Room Mist 100ml
R545   Citrus grove Soap Bar 120g
R287   Citrus Lavender Candle in a Glass
R316   Citrus Lavender Reed Diffuser 200ml
R339   Citrus Lavender Reed Diffuser Refill 200ml
R482   Clementine & Prosecco Candle in a Glass 230g
R984   Clementine & Prosecco Candle in a Tin 180g
R0055   Clementine & Prosecco Fragrance Oil
R662   Clementine & Prosecco Hand Lotion
R247   Clementine & Prosecco Hand Wash & Lotion Duo
R661   Clementine & Prosecco Handwash
R486   Clementine & Prosecco Organic Soap Bar 150g
R475   Clementine & Prosecco Reed Diffuser 100ml
R992   Clementine & Prosecco Reed Diffuser Refill 200ml
R157   Clementine & Prosecco Room Mist 100ml
R714   Clementine & Prosecco Scented Room Sachet 15g
R290   Clementine Prosecco Candle in a Glass 230g
R319   Clementine Prosecco Reed Diffuser 200ml
R342   Clementine Prosecco Reed Diffuser Refill 200ml
R462   Coconut Milk Kitchen garden candle 250g
R373   Coconut, Vanilla & Blackpepper Diffuser Refill
R498   Couture Rose - Peony & Rose Diffuser Refill 200ml
R525   Couture Rose - Peony & Rose Porcelain Candle
R524   Couture Rose - Peony & Rose Reed Diffuser 200ml
R187   Cracker with Frankincense Bath & Massage Oil
R584   Decadent Hand Lotion
R580   Decadent Handwash
R0091   Delicate and Sweet Collection
R490   Designers Guild Replacement Reeds for 200ml Diffuser
R349   Earl Grey Candle in a Glass 230g
R484   Earl Grey Candle in a Glass 230g
R979   Earl Grey Candle in a Tin 180g
R446   Earl Grey Organic Soap Bar 150g
R477   Earl Grey Reed Diffuser 100ml
R338   Earl Grey Reed Diffuser 200ml
R350   Earl Grey Reed Diffuser Refill 200ml
R989   Earl Grey Reed Diffuser Refill 200ml
R583   Energise Hand Lotion
R579   Energise Handwash
R562   Exfoliating Sisal Bag
R535   Fine English Tea Candle in a Glass
R548   Fine English Tea Reed Diffuser 100ml
R107   Frankincense Candle in a Glass
R111   Frankincense Candle in a Tin 112g
R183   Frankincense mini favour soap 45g
R114   Frankincense Reed Diffuser 100ml
R142   Fresh Linen Candle in a Tin 180g (HS)
R123   Fresh Linen Reed Diffuser 100ml
R154   Fresh Linen Room Spray 100ml
R716   Fresh Linen Scented Room Sachet 15g
R459   Garden pea Kitchen garden candle 250g
R553   Gardeners Soap Bar 120g
R182   Gold mini favour soap 45g
R604   Greentea & Grapefruit Body Lotion
R438   Greentea & Grapefruit Body Scrub
R096   Greentea & Grapefruit Body Wash & Body Lotion Gift Box
R603   Greentea & Grapefruit Fine Body Wash 300ml
R821   Greentea & Grapefruit Fragrance Oil
R838   Greentea & Grapefruit Hand Cream
R602   Greentea & Grapefruit Hand Lotion
R222   Greentea & Grapefruit Hand wash & Lotion Duo
R601   Greentea & Grapefruit Handwash
R003   Greentea & Grapefruit Handwash & Hand Lotion Gift Box
R720   Greentea & Grapefruit Luxury Foam Bath 500ml
R507   Greentea & Grapefruit Room Mist 100ml
R285   Greentea grapefruit Candle in a Glass
R314   Greentea Grapefruit Reed Diffuser 200ml
R337   Greentea Grapefruit Reed Diffuser Refill 200ml
R199   Handmade Soap Gift Box - Vintage Collection
R546   Hemp & Walnut Soap Bar 120g
R547   Herbal Mint Soap Bar 120g
R161   Hope & Glory Boxed Soap Bar
R402   Hope & Glory Candle in a Glass
R411   Hope & Glory Diffuser Refill
R412   Hope & Glory in a Hat Box
R403   Hope & Glory Reed Diffuser 100ml
R494   Jade Temple - Jasmine & Hibiscus Diffuser Refill 200ml
R529   Jade Temple - Jasmine & Hibiscus Porcelain Candle
R520   Jade Temple - Jasmine & Hibiscus Reed Diffuser 200ml
R370   Jasmine & Lilac Diffuser Refill
R826   Jasmine & Lilac Fragrance Oil
R666   Jasmine & lilac mini favour soap 45g
R558   Jasmine & lilac Soap bar 120g
R1073   Large Hamper
R669   Lavender mini favour soap 45g
R552   Lavender Soap Bar 120g
Tk5093   Lemon Verbena Hand Cream
R439   Lily & Ylang Ylang Body Scrub
R668   Lily & ylang ylang mini favour soap 45g
R559   Lily & ylang ylang Soap Bar 120g
R288   Lily Ylang Ylang Candle in a Glass
R317   Lily Ylang Ylang Reed Diffuser 200ml
R340   Lily Ylang Ylang Reed Diffuser Refill 200ml
R589   Limoncello Candle in a Glass
R587   Limoncello Reed Diffuser 100ml
R457   Mandarin Kitchen garden candle 250g
R1072   Medium Hamper
R703   Men's Gift Box
R108   Myrrh Candle in a Glass
R112   Myrrh Candle in a Tin 112g
R184   Myrrh mini favour soap 45g
R116   Myrrh Reed Diffuser 100ml
R586   Natural Harmony Hand Lotion
R582   Natural Harmony Handwash
R634   Neroli & Rose Body Lotion
R447   Neroli & Rose Body Scrub
R097   Neroli & Rose Body Wash & Body Lotion Gift Box
R633   Neroli & Rose Fine Body Wash 300ml
R824   Neroli & Rose Fragrance Oil
R839   Neroli & Rose Hand Cream
R632   Neroli & Rose Hand Lotion
R223   Neroli & Rose Hand wash & Lotion Duo
R631   Neroli & Rose Handwash
R004   Neroli & Rose Handwash & Hand Lotion Gift Box
R322   Neroli & Rose Luxury Body Oil
R721   Neroli & Rose Luxury Foam Bath 500ml
R504   Neroli & Rose Room Mist 100ml
R286   Neroli Rose Candle in a Glass
R315   Neroli Rose Reed Diffuser 200ml
R347   Neroli Rose Reed Diffuser Refill 200ml
R480   Nordic Pine Candle in a Glass 230g
R978   Nordic Pine Candle in a Tin 180g
R445   Nordic Pine Organic Soap Bar 150g
R472   Nordic Pine Reed Diffuser 100ml
R988   Nordic Pine Reed Diffuser Refill 200ml
R712   Nordic Pine Scented Room Sachet 15g
R496   Nymphaea - Sweet Pea & Sandalwood Diffuser Refill 200ml
R527   Nymphaea - Sweet Pea & Sandalwood Porcelain Candle
R522   Nymphaea - Sweet Pea & Sandalwood Reed Diffuser 200ml
R965   Oatmeal & Spice Soap Brick
R488   Olive & fig Candle in a Glass 230g
R441   Olive & fig Candle in a Tin 180g
R822   Olive & Fig Fragrance Oil
R612   Olive & Fig Hand Lotion
R611   Olive & Fig Handwash
R489   Olive & Fig Reed Diffuser 100ml
R997   Olive & fig Reed Diffuser Refill 200ml
R715   Olive & Fig Scented Room Sachet 15g
R104   Olive Grove in a Hatbox with a Mini Bag
R829   Orange Spice Fragrance Oil

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