Heyland & Whittle Luxurious Body Scrubs

Whether you’re freshly back from holiday, or reminiscing about the summer months, one thing nobody looks forward to is losing the tan you’ve worked so hard on, and the patchy, flaky skin that will surely follow. Heyland & Whittle are proud to release their new range of delicious Body Scrubs, just in time to save us all from the dreaded post-sun peel.

These luxurious body scrubs, made with salt granules, naturally exfoliate leaving the skin silky smooth and gently fragranced. They are gentle enough to use fairly regularly, keeping skin at its best, whilst not being harsh or heavy.

We know you will fall in love with this new range, natural body scrubs, with no plastic microbeads, using salt granules for exfoliating and bamboo granules for polishing your skin.

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