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These hand washes not only smell wonderful but also will moisturise and nourish hard working hands. The mild, gentle formula is especially kind to sensitive skins and has added gylcerin for a moisturising boost. Choose from these seven delicious fragrances and give your hands a bit of a treat.
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What liquid soaps do you sell?
We sell a range of body washes and hand washes, as well as shampoo and conditioner. We also have three varieties of foam bath to choose from. These feature fragrances from our classic collection, with the body wash scents matching the body lotions we make and the hand washes pairing with the hand lotions. Our body washes and hand washes come in 300ml bottles while our bottles of foam bath are available in 500ml bottles. Our shampoo and conditioner come in 250ml bottles. We also have smaller bottles of select liquid soaps available in some gifts sets.

Why do you sell liquid soap as well as solid soap?
While we are very proud of our traditional solid soap, we are aware that it isn't for everyone. Some of our customers prefer liquid varieties and so we want to be able to cater for them too. It also means that we can offer a broader range of products, such as shampoo and bath foam, which we do not make in solid form. Our liquid soap offers just as many benefits for the skin as our solid soap, ensuring that it feels soft, smooth and clean after use. We would not say that one is better than the other, as it is completely down to personal preference.

Do Heyland and Whittle soaps contain parabens?
No, our liquid soaps do not contain any parabens. In fact, all of our products are completely paraben-free, as we aim to use natural alternatives when it comes to preservatives. You still get a quality product that has a good shelf life, but we believe that avoiding parabens is better for health reasons. You can find out more about why we don't use parabens here.

Do your liquid soaps contain SLS?
We do not use SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate) in any of our products. There has been a lot of controversy in the media surrounding SLS - which is used as a foaming agent - in recent years. To avoid any health implications it is linked to, we instead use Sodium Coco Sulfate (SCS). This is because the palm kernel or coconut oils that are used in the production of SCS go through less chemical purification than those used in SLS manufacture. As a result, we believe it leads to a softer and safer product. You still get a very good level of lather when using our liquid soaps. In fact, you may find them to have better results on your skin compared to products that use SLS. Our soaps and other products are also completely free of METS and Cocamide DEA, which are known to be carcinogenic.

My new soap smells different from previous bottles, why?
Because we use natural extracts - such as essential oils - in our liquid soaps, they can sometimes differ in fragrance due to a number of reasons. Elements that plants - such as lavender - are exposed to during growth, including differing amounts of water or adverse weather, can lead to changes in fragrance and colour. This then means that these subtle differences are represented in our finished products. We do everything we can to ensure that every product you purchase from us is of high quality and matches those you may previously have bought. Subtle fragrance changes are to be expected, but if you are not happy with your product, please contact us.

Are your liquid soaps suitable for sensitive skin?
All of our products are formulated with sensitive skin in mind, and our liquid soaps are no different. They don't contain any chemical detergents or other ingredients that could be problematic for sensitive skin. If you know that you have a sensitivity to any particular ingredient - such as citrus oils - you can check whether a product has any in the ingredients section of each product page. We make an effort to use natural and caring oils and other ingredients where possible so you get the best results.

Can I wash my face with your liquid soaps?
It is not recommended that you use our liquid soaps on your face as the skin on your face is different from the rest of your body. Your face tends to be more sensitive than your hands or body, which means that it can dry out, react and become sensitive much easier. This is why you should aim to use products that are specially formulated for your face rather than a body wash. If you want a universal option, our solid traditional soaps can be used on your face, hands and body because they don't contain a foaming agent and are completely natural. They contain a high level of oils that help to lift dirt and moisturise. We also have traditional soaps available for different skin types, so we recommend using these instead of our liquid varieties of soap.

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