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Reed Diffusers

The Heyland & Whittle Reed Diffusers are a unique way to fragrance your home day in, day out. A selection of amazing different fragrances in 100ml or 200ml diffuser bottles will keep your home smelling fresh all day. Also our popular 200ml refill bottles are a great way to enjoy your diffuser for longer. Reed Diffusers are a stylish way to fragrance your home!
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Cherry Blossom Reed Diffuser 200ml Sandalwood Oud Reed Diffuser 200ml Greentea Grapefruit Reed Diffuser 200ml
Sandalwood Oud Reed Diffuser 200ml
Price: £35.00
Sale Price: £17.50
Savings: £17.50

Fresh and Calming Exotically Oriental Uplifting and Refreshing
Neroli Rose Reed Diffuser 200ml Citrus Lavender Reed Diffuser 200ml Lily Ylang Ylang Reed Diffuser 200ml
Delicate and Sweet Vibrant and Soothing Elegant and Sophisticated.
Clementine Prosecco Reed Diffuser 200ml Wild Lemongrass Reed Diffuser 200ml Couture Rose - Peony & Rose Reed Diffuser 200ml
Tantalising, zesty and undoubtedly addictive Invigorating and Intoxicating 200ml Reed Diffuser.
Alexandria - Lilac & Lavender Reed Diffuser 200ml Nymphaea - Sweet Pea & Sandalwood Reed Diffuser 200ml Tulipani - Bergamot & Gardenia Reed Diffuser 200ml
200ml Reed Diffuser. 200ml Reed Diffuser. 200ml Reed Diffuser.
Jade Temple - Jasmine & Hibiscus Reed Diffuser 200ml Chinoiserie Flower - Lily & Vanilla Reed Diffuser 200ml Frankincense Reed Diffuser 100ml
200ml Reed Diffuser. 200ml Reed Diffuser. Smoky sweet & woody with a whisper of Oriental florals
Myrrh Reed Diffuser 100ml Winter Spice Reed Diffuser 100ml Earl Grey Reed Diffuser 200ml
Sweet sharp and citrusy with a hint of warm Eastern spices Warm, spicy and festive Delicate and citrusy
Amber oakmoss Reed Diffuser 200ml Clementine & Prosecco Room Mist 100ml Festive Spice Reed Diffuser 100ml
Strong and Woody Tantalising, zesty and undoubtedly addictive! A zesty blend of oranges and lemons with a dash of seasonal spices
Frosted Wreath Reed Diffuser 100ml Mulled Wine Reed Diffuser 100ml Fresh Linen Room Spray 100 ml
A blanket of snow, the flicker of candlelight and a frosty sparkle. Scent the air and feel festive Cotton Flower and Mimosa - Spring clean!
Sleep Easy Room Spray 100 ml Pongone Room Spray 100 ml Chef's Friend Room Spray 100 ml
Pongone Room Spray 100ml
Price: £15.00

Not for night owls! Pongs be gone! Lemongrass with a twist of Lime for the kitchen - tart!
Anti Tabac Room Spray 100 ml Welcome Home Room Spray 100ml The Open Window Room Spray 100ml
Clear the air of tobacco smells - freshen up! After all, there is no place like Home! A sweet echo of Summer on the breeze.
Have a question about our candles? below is a selection of FAQs and answers.

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What comes with a Heyland and Whittle reed diffuser?
Each of our reed diffusers comes with an attractive glass bottle, which is already filled with the fragrance oil. They also come with eight natural reeds for placing inside the bottle. To set up your diffuser, you should remove the silver screw top before carefully pulling out and disposing of the plastic plug. Place the silver screw top back on before inserting the reeds and spreading them out.

How do reed diffusers work?
Reed diffusers are a great way to fragrance your home all day long. They feature a glass bottle that is filled with diffuser oil, into which you insert reeds. The reeds have 'channels' that run throughout them. The diffuser fragrance oil travels up these channels, reaching the top of the reeds where it naturally disperses into the air through evaporation. They are a great way to enjoy your favourite Heyland & Whittle scent at all times as they are flame free.

How do I get the best scent from my reed diffuser?
While reed diffusers work through a natural process, there are ways you can ensure the best distribution of scent or 'fragrance throw'. To start with, you should spread all your reeds out as much as possible. This will allow the fragrance to disperse evenly and spread throughout your room. It is also a good idea not to overfill your bottle with reeds, as this will result in your fragrance evaporating faster but not spreading throughout your room. We provide eight reeds with each of our diffusers, which we believe is the perfect amount to ensure a good fragrance throw over an extended period of time. If you notice that the intensity of the fragrance is lessening, remove the reeds and place them back in the bottle upside down. Doing this regularly - every week or so - will ensure you continue to enjoy your favourite scent.

How long do Heyland and Whittle reed diffusers last?
Our 100ml reed diffusers last up to three months, with the fragrance oil evaporating at a slow pace so you can get the most out of them. You can prolong the life of your diffuser by purchasing refills, although it is important to remember that you only refill the bottle with the same fragrance. All of our fragrances are specially mixed to ensure they are well-balanced, so mixing different scents together will not create a good result.

My diffuser is not giving off as much fragrance as it used to, what can I do?
If your reed diffuser has been refilled or still has a good amount of fragrance oil in the bottle, it is likely that your reeds have become clogged. Our reeds are totally natural and as a result, their channels can become clogged with household dust over time. Between six and nine months after first use, it is a good idea to buy replacement reeds. This will allow the fragrance oil to travel the entire length of the reeds again and so better evaporate, allowing your fragrance to fill your room once more. It also means that you can continue to use the same diffuser bottle for an extended amount of time.

Where should I place my reed diffuser?
Reed diffusers should be placed out of the reach of children and animals to ensure they don't get knocked over. The fragrance oil can stain fabric and affect varnished surfaces, such as wood, so you want to place your diffuser somewhere out of the way and stable. You should also put your diffuser somewhere that it won't be subjected to direct sunlight, as this can cause a faster rate of evaporation so your diffuser won't last as long. Other heat sources, such as radiators, can also cause your diffuser to evaporate faster. This means it is a good idea to place it away from your radiator and to not place one in your bathroom, as the steam from your shower can have the same effect. You should also keep them away from any open flames, as the fragrance oil is highly flammable.

Can I use the fragrance oil for anything else?

You should not use the fragrance in your reed diffuser for anything else. In fact, you should avoid it coming into contact with your skin where possible, washing your hands thoroughly after handling the reeds or refilling the bottle. It is not the same kind of fragrance oil used in beauty products because it can be harmful to skin. You should also not attempt to use it in oil burners as it is highly flammable. You can buy bath and massage oil or fragrances to use in oil burners separately. Under no circumstances should you use the fragrance oil from your diffuser for anything beyond its intended use.

Can I dilute the fragrance in my reed diffuser?
You should not dilute the fragrance in your reed diffuser with another oil or with water. Oil and water do not mix and so you will not get the same results and risk ruining your reeds. Our reed diffusers are formulated to create a continuous fragrance that isn't overly strong, so there is no need to dilute them. If you have any further questions or an issue with your reed diffuser, you can contact us here.

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