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Heyland & Whittle scented candles are made from a unique soy wax blend to produce a clean, even burn which is also
environmentally friendly. Candles are the traditional, quick and atmospheric way to fill the room with your chosen Heyland & Whittle fragrance. There are a number of beautiful fragrances for you to choose from - to suit the season or to relax or uplift your mood.

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Vanilla Custard Kitchen garden candle 250g Vanilla Custard Kitchen garden candle 250g
Price: £15.00
Sale Price: £7.50
Savings: £7.50

Earl grey Gift Set Earl grey Gift Set
Price: £19.99

White Dahlia Gift Set White Dahlia Gift Set
Price: £19.99
Sale Price: £9.99
Savings: £10.00
Candle snuffer Candle Snuffer
Price: £6.00
Sale Price: £2.00
Savings: £4.00
Have a question about our candles? below is a selection of FAQs and answers.

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What do Heyland & Whittle use in their candles?
All of our candles are made from natural soy sustainable wax, which is expertly blended with essential oils to create our beautiful fragrances. This results in candles that burn evenly and cleanly, and that last for a good amount of time. Our essential oils are also pure and high quality, ensuring the best scents possible and beautifully natural candles. We also use high-quality cotton wicks that are the perfect thickness to ensure that your candle burns evenly all the way across.

What is the difference between soy and paraffin candles?
We use soy in our candles because it is sustainable and results in a superior product. Paraffin candles result in black soot when burning, whereas soy does not. This can discolour the wax and the glass or tin the candle is in, as well as result in a smoky scent while burning. You'll also find that cheaper paraffin candles result in tunnelling, which is where the wax only melts in the middle of the candle. This means the candles don't burn for as long so you don't get your money's worth.

My candle isn't burning evenly, what can I do?
The soy wax and wicks we use help our candles to burn evenly, however; you also need to burn them in the right way to ensure they melt evenly. We recommend burning your candle for at least an hour and no longer than four hours. You should also not relight it within 45 minutes. This will ensure the wax burns in an even layer and that it is completely cooled before you relight your candle. You should also trim the wick down to around 1cm above the wax before you light it, in order to control the size of the flame. Following these instructions will give you the best results and help you get the most out of H&W candles.

Why does my candle look/smell different from those I've bought before?
All of our fragrances are created using natural essential oils. We don't use chemical fragrances or dyes in any of our candles. This means that the scent and appearance of our candles can be affected by the essential oils. Sometimes you may find that a certain oil is more strongly scented than in previous candles in the same fragrance or that the wax is a slightly different colour. This is due to the essential oils, which can sometimes smell or look different on their own, which then affects the candle. It doesn't mean that the quality of the candle is any lower, as we work hard to ensure you get the best possible products every time you shop with us.

Is there a difference in fragrance between candles in a glass and those in a tin?
We use the same level of fragrance in our candles in a glass as we do for our candles in a tin. This means they smell the same when burning. However, you may find that our candles in a tin seem to smell stronger than those in a glass when you first open them. This is because the lid of the tin forms a seal, which traps the scent and so makes it seem as though the candles in a tin smell stronger.

Once lit, though, there is no difference between those in a glass and those in a tin other than burning time. The flame of my candle is big and keeps smoking, what can I do?
If the flame of your candle is smoking at all or is large, you should blow your candle out straight away. Wild flames are dangerous, and can result in uneven candle burning. It is likely that the reason your flame is so large and that it seems to be smoking is that the wick is too large. You should ensure it is trimmed down to around 1cm above the wax before lighting your candle. If you have already trimmed your wick but the flame is still behaving in the same way, it could be due to excess oxygen reaching the wick. Check that your candle is not placed anywhere that a draft can reach it, as this can cause faster burning, as well as a flame that moves around a lot.

How should I put my candle out?
We all know that you can simply blow a candle out, but this can result in a sooty smell that ruins the scent your candle has created in your home. Avoid this from happening by placing one of our candle snuffers over the flame when using a candle in a glass. For candles in a tin, you can simply pop the lid on as that will have the same result. The lid and candle snuffer deprive the flame of oxygen, which puts out the candle and contains any smoke. This ensures you can continue to enjoy the fragrance of the candle even after you have put it out. If you have any further questions or an issue with your candle, you can contact us here.

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