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Greentea & Grapefruit Hand Lotion Citrus & Lavender Hand Lotion Neroli & Rose Hand Lotion
Neroli & Rose Hand Lotion
Price: £16.50

300ml hand lotion bottle 300ml hand lotion bottle 300ml hand lotion bottle
Wild Lemongrass Hand Lotion Clementine & Prosecco Hand Lotion Olive & Fig Hand Lotion
Olive & Fig Hand Lotion
Price: £16.50

300ml hand lotion bottle 300ml hand lotion bottle 300ml hand lotion bottle
Greentea & Grapefruit Body Lotion Wild Lemongrass Body Lotion Citrus & Lavender Body Lotion
300ml body lotion bottle 300ml body lotion bottle 300ml body lotion bottle
Neroli & Rose Body Lotion
Neroli & Rose Body Lotion
Price: £16.50

300ml body lotion bottle
Can any of your lotions be used on the face?
We offer hand and body lotions, neither of which is suitable for facial use. As the skin on your hands and body is different from that on your face, our lotions will be too heavy for facial use and could upset your skin. It is best to use creams that are specially formulated for your face rather than using body or hand lotions, as the facial area needs different things from a moisturiser.

Do your lotions contain SPF?
None of our lotions currently provide SPF protection from UV rays. They are designed to provide excellent hydration and to fragrance the skin lightly, not to act as sun protection for your skin. If you wish to wear a product that contains SPF - which we recommend to protect the skin, especially on sunny days - you can combine our lotions with light sun creams. We recommend using fragrance-free SPF protection alongside our lotions, so as not to mix fragrances.

What lotions do you sell?
We have a range of lotions available for body and face. Each of them offers great levels of hydration for your skin, as well as beneficial ingredients. The main difference between each product is the scent, as we provide lotions in some of our best-selling scents from our Classic range. You can choose between five different fragrances when it comes to body lotions, while our hand lotion range features seven scents. Each of these lotions can be used in conjunction with a body wash in the same fragrance, which will help layer up the scent and ensure it lasts all day.

How moisturising are your lotions?
Our hand and body lotions offer all-day hydration that isn't overly heavy. This means they leave your skin feeling moisturised without the oily, slightly sticky feeling that other lotions can result in. We use natural emollients, such as almond and borage oils, to create lotions that sink into the skin easily, offering deep hydration. All of our lotions also contain active ingredients to make them even more effective. Ingredients like ginseng are added, which allows the nutrients to penetrate deeper into the skin for a more lasting result. This makes our lotions hugely effective. As well as being very moisturising, our lotions help to smooth the skin, helping to even out its texture. This further helps with the look and feel of the skin.

How often should I use lotions?
Because our lotions are so moisturising, we recommend using them once or twice a day, depending on your needs. If you use them in the morning, your skin will be protected from moisture loss throughout the day and will be left feeling soft and smooth. However, if you suffer from particularly dry skin, you may find that you need to use them in the morning and at night to avoid dry patches and flaky skin. You should not need to use them more than this. If you find that your skin is still dry after two applications in 24 hours, you may want to seek medical advice as to why your skin is so dry and what else you can do to improve its appearance. For those who have to wash their hands a lot throughout the day, you may find that you want to use our hand lotion more regularly to avoid skin on your hands becoming sore or irritated. However, it is important to remember that a little goes a long way, so you still won't need a lot of lotion.

What is glycerine and why do you use it in your products?
While you may find the name a bit off-putting, glycerine is actually a natural ingredient that is hugely beneficial for the skin. It is incredibly moisturising and helps to keep skin looking and feeling healthy. We use glycerine in our products because it ensures skin feels moisturised and also a bit plumper, which is perfect for avoiding the signs of ageing. Glycerin actually pulls moisture from the air, as well as from the lower levels of your skin to create an even distribution that ensures your skin looks and feels good. It does this without being heavy or sticky. You're likely to feel a huge difference between our lotions and others on the market that use chemical moisturisers instead of glycerine. My lotion is a different colour to previous bottles/other fragrances.

Why is this?
Our lotions may change in appearance, including colour, as a result of the natural extracts used. Natural ingredients can have slightly different properties depending on a number of factors, including weather, where they are grown, how much water they received etc. This means their colour and scent can vary at different times of year. As a result, certain lotion batches may have a stronger colour or fragrance to others. This does not mean that the formulation is any different, nor that we have added other ingredients like dyes. All of our lotions are slightly different colours anyway, even though they may appear to be identical in images used on our site. The lotions have a pale colour that can be hard to see unless they are placed directly next to each other. This doesn't mean that anything is wrong with them.

Do your lotions contain parabens?
All of our products, including body lotions, are completely paraben-free. As a company, we do not use parabens in any products and instead use ingredients that are completely safe and natural where possible. We also do not use SLS, MITs or Cocamide DET in any of our products. If you have any further questions or an issue with your lotions, you can contact us here.

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