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Heyland & Whittle, herbal merchants, started making their now famous hand made, natural soaps in 1998. Born out of a desire to create soaps from only the purest of ingredients, all Heyland & Whittle soaps are created using the time honoured traditional “cold processed” method of production.

Fresh specially chosen plant oils are gently warmed to their natural melting points and then slowly added to a naturally occurring alkaline solution. As the mixture saponifies pure essential oils, flower extracts, herbs and spices are generously added as are natural colourings such as Madder Root, Walnut leaves, Nettle leaves and Turmeric.

A joy to use, the soaps promise to gently cleanse with a good lather whilst moisturising the skin. All come beautifully boxed and won’t break the bank – the perfect indulgence for a night in or before a great night out.
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What does traditional soap mean?
When we say traditional soap, we mean that it is manufactured in the traditional way. Very few soaps are now made using the traditional 'cold processed' method, which is what makes ours stand out. We use high-quality coconut, olive, organic sustainable palm and castor seed oils, along with cocoa butter and essential oils to create our soaps. This means they are totally free of chemical preservatives or foaming agents. Ultimately, this results in a soft and gentle soap that lathers up quickly into a thick foam.

You can find out more about what goes into making our soaps here. Can I wash my face with Heyland and Whittle soaps?
Our traditional soaps are suitable for washing your hands, body and face with, making them great all-rounders. They are suitable for your face as well as your body because they contain so many beautiful oils rather than manufactured chemicals. When solid soaps contain chemical detergents, they tend not to be sensitive enough for the skin on your face, which is thinner and more delicate than the rest of your body. This means that while they will clean the skin, they end up removing too much moisture. Your skin can then feel dry, and may even suffer a change of texture. The method we use to make soaps, as well as the ingredients that go into them ensure that they help to cleanse and moisturise your skin while caring for it. In fact, many of our soaps are designed with certain skin types in mind - such as Queen of the Nile being perfect for dry skin and Tea Tree being perfect for oily, troubled skin.

My soap bar has dried up, can I still use it?
Over time, our traditional soaps will dry slightly. This is completely natural and part of the manufacturing process. While other soaps on the market may stop foaming up once they dry out, ours actually foam up better. This means that if you've had a bar hidden away somewhere, it will work better than ever when you do come around to using it. There is no use by date on our soap, so you know that you are going to get good quality even after it has aged.

Your soaps are different colours, do you use dye?
We don't use any chemical dyes in our traditional soaps. The different colours are a result of other natural ingredients that colour the soap mixture during manufacture. Things like madder root, nettle leaves, turmeric and walnut leaves are used to colour our soaps, resulting in their bright appearance. Because these are natural ingredients, the colours can change from batch to batch, so one soap may appear darker than when you have purchased it previously.

What soap should I use for my skin? Each of our soaps is formulated with ingredients that offer a range of benefits for your skin. As such, each soap is ideal for certain skin types as well as for providing a great scent. To help you make the right decision in terms of fragrance and your skin, our individual descriptions for each soap provide information on what goes into them, as well as whether they suit dry, troublesome, oily or normal skin types. This will help you make the right decision and find the perfect traditional soap for you.

Do you provide soap samples?
We don't provide samples of our soaps; however, you can try ten of our traditional varieties in one of our Soap Box Gifts. These provide you with smaller sized bars of soap so you can try each of them and find the perfect soap for you. These gifts ensure you find a soap that suits your skin as well as your tastes when it comes to fragrance.

Are your soaps suitable for sensitive skin?
Because our soaps are made from entirely natural ingredients and feature so many oils that are good for your skin, they should be perfectly fine for use on sensitive skin. While we cannot guarantee that all of our soaps will be suitable for your skin, we do not add chemicals, preservatives, dyes, detergents or fragrances, which commonly upset sensitive skin. If you know that there are certain things that upset your skin - such as citrus oils or exfoliants - it is still a good idea to avoid these as a precaution. You can find a full list of ingredients, as well as a breakdown of what skin types each soap is suited to on each product page, helping you to make an informed decision. If you have any further questions or an issue with your traditional soap, you can contact us here.

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